Taoglas Case Study

December 18, 2023

About Taoglas

Taoglas was established in 2004 and is now a mid-sized global company with Irish roots. The company specialises in the design and manufacture of advanced RF components, as well as solving complex connectivity problems in a diverse range of IoT industries. Taoglas employees over 400 people worldwide, the majority based at its manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, with nine global locations and its head office in San Diego, California. With its recent acquisition by a private equity firm and ambitious growth plans, Taoglas is aiming to diversity, innovate and grow into new markets and verticals.


Taoglas has been using SAP Business One for over ten years, making it a well-established and mature system within the business. Prior to migrating to Ascarii’s AWS cloud platform, Taoglas used an on-premise environment but struggled with performance and scaling. System outages were a frequent issue, occurring once or twice a week, causing significant business interruption. According to David Kelly, Head of ERP Applications, “people have forgotten how badly SAP performed in the past. Service availability is important to us, and the systems can’t be down for more than 7-8hrs a year – people expect SAP to always be available.”


Taoglas decided to migrate SAP Business One to Ascarii’s AWS cloud platform in August 2022, and it has now been live for over a year. The company uses a dedicated Ascarii environment with the standard SAP client and mobile app and is planning to start rolling out the web client for purchasing imminently. They also use Produmex Scan globally, as well as Boyum B1 Usability Package and Print & Delivery, which provides additional functionality and helps automate various processes to maximise their use of SAP Business One and increase business efficiency.

Taoglas has ISO 27001 certification and information security is very important to them. One of their key requirements was the ability to access a highly secure cloud platform based on AWS. They also wanted their environment to be highly scalable to support their growth plans. A major benefit for Taoglas is they are only paying for the resources they need, which is more cost-effective than maintaining on-premise infrastructure and a technical team to support it.


David Kelly says that Taoglas have experienced a number of benefits since going live with SAP Business One on Ascarii’s AWS cloud platform. These include:

  • Up-to-date AWS environment on the most stable software version.
  • Confidence that their solution is stable and highly secure.
  • Use of AWS Global Accelerator to reduce latency between business locations worldwide.
  • Support from Ascarii’s team and knowing that they can leverage their AWS technical expertise as needed to solve issues that arise.
  • Prompt and timely response to tickets raised, within their SLA targets, as well as proactive forewarnings from Ascarii’s support team when Taoglas need to take action on their side.
  • Cost-savings from downsizing their team as they no longer need technical resources in-house and they’re able to leverage Ascarii’s resources when they need them.
  • Ability to uplift services as needed or bring a new instance online quickly, only paying for resources used.
  • SAP Business One is much more responsive in their cloud, in addition Taoglas employees can have multiple sessions open side by side, which has been very helpful for their users.

Taoglas has been working closely with Ascarii’s team for over a year and has formed a strong relationship and good dynamics between the two companies. David says that after recently undergoing a full ERP evaluation, SAP Business One is still the right solution for their company and moving to Ascarii’s AWS cloud platform has been a positive step for them. David says, “I would highly recommend Ascarii – they’ve been an excellent partner for us and we have been very happy with our decision to move to their cloud platform. Their understanding of the systems we work with has given us extra reassurance and we’re very happy with the security and stability of their AWS cloud platform.”

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