Increasing Warehouse Efficiency with Boyum Solutions

January 28, 2022

Increasing warehouse efficiency is one of the most significant ways a business can decrease its overheads. In an environment typified by repetitive manual labour, anything a business can do to automate processes in the warehouse can have a big impact on the bottom line. Automation can save employee time, and therefore company money, while increasing productivity, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Supply chain and warehouse technology have become integral components of the best organised warehouses. Warehouse management systems give companies real-time insight into product locations, stock levels, batches and serial numbers, and expiry dates, amongst others. They can help optimise stock and raw material levels to ensure that the business does not have too much money tied up in excess stock, while reducing time wasted through inaccuracy and manual intervention.

How can Boyum Solutions help?

Produmex WMS is a sophisticated solution that extends the capabilities of SAP Business One to transform logistics processes into finely tuned operations. Supporting multiple warehouses and operators, it drives productivity and profitability in the supply chain, processing high volumes of transactions in real time.

Produmex WMS facilitates inbound transactions, such as container and PO receiving, pallet build and directed put-away, as well as outbound transactions such as pick management (including picking with shelf-life considerations), inventory allocation, and shipping. Additional benefits include truck route capabilities and compliance requirements, particularly with deep lot/batch and serialisation capabilities, which make Produmex a strong fit for regulated industries.

Many companies are part of a global supply chain, which requires speed, agility, traceability and compliance. Produmex WMS extends SAP Business One with its comprehensive features that enable these businesses to optimise their warehouse management.

Produmex Scan

Scanning solutions add further functionality, speeding up warehouse related inventory transactions and updating SAP Business One in real time. Produmex Scan warehouse scanning solutions are easy to implement and provide an accelerated return on investment by enabling users to start scanning within two hours of installation.

Barcode scanners are intuitive to use but their biggest strength is the simplicity they offer. They offer the ability to speed up transactions and have a massive impact on the time it would normally take to process information, while increasing accuracy. This makes warehouse operations easier and more effective with a simple, mobile-optimised programme as an interface to SAP data entry and data query.

Produmex Scan offers the following benefits:

  • Speeds up manual and automatic replenishment, including stock transfers and stock requests
  • Issue to production and receipt from production
  • Reduce excess or obsolete inventory to decrease overheads and increase profits
  • Increase customer satisfaction by improving order accuracy and correct shipping
  • Significantly reduce paperwork and data errors
  • Lower time and effort required for picking orders and increase productivity
  • Seamless transfer of real-time information to and from SAP Business One

For more information on how Boyum Warehouse Solutions and SAP Business One can help automate your warehouse operations, please contact us now for a friendly chat.

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