How to Help Attract, Recruit, and Retain the Best Talent with Cloud Technology

June 27, 2022

How to help attract, recruit, and retain the best talent has long been an issue for businesses, particularly at a time when this country is experiencing quite low unemployment levels. Unexpected consequences of the pandemic have compelled the business world to make amendments in the way it functions. Employers have faced significant challenges in adapting to a hybrid workforce and have had to adopt new ways of working. Embracing technology and rapid digitalisation, which enables dispersed operations and collaborative functioning, are key to increasing efficiency and meeting company objectives.

In an increasingly competitive environment for talent acquisition, business leaders need to have an ‘employee experience first’ mindset, providing employees with leading edge technology to improve their ‘work experience’ and facilitate efficiency and productivity. Organisations that provide a positive experience that ensures employees can work to their full capacity improves job satisfaction and retention.

As we continue to recover from the Covid pandemic, organisations need to adapt their workforce management strategies to meet the shifting demands of their employees. It has become imperative for organisations to improvise, adapt to, and overcome the various hurdles they have faced, and digitising almost every aspect of their operations has been key to this.

Companies’ ability to adopt digital technology has taken the upper hand in the ‘attract, recruit, retain and succeed’ employee lifecycle scenario today and these changes are here to stay. Business leaders, who have an ‘employee experience first’ mindset, are discovering that the biggest technology gap is around managing a hybrid, or remote, workforce, whilst measuring progress towards deliverables. The focus needs to shift to employee output and productivity, rather than old-fashioned checks on employee worktime.

Supplying the right technology is essential to help employees achieve high levels of productivity and efficiency. A study by the Evolving Workforce Project found that 83% of global workers believe that technology advances have enabled them to be more productive and see this increasing in the future. This makes it increasingly critical in companies’ employee attraction and retention strategy. New employees want to be able to make an impact from day one and ageing technology that’s not fit for purpose won’t help them. 

When new hires work on a familiar device they can hit the ground running with reduced training needs. HR professionals think there’s now a generation of employees who will perform faster if they’re allowed to use mobile and tablet devices instead of computers. This is particularly true for those companies with field workers, whose ability to use mobile technology and software to support their job role offers numerous benefits. It can dramatically increase productivity and efficiency by seamlessly integrating job information back to the head office, speeding up customer interactions and enabling employees to work faster. It also increases customer satisfaction by improving the flow of information and communication.

By adopting a ‘cloud-first strategy’, aimed at empowering your workforce, organisations can improve flexibility and choice for their employees, while reducing their hardware spend, licensing and maintenance costs. It is essential to choose the right software solutions to support your cloud-first strategy - to find out more, please contact our friendly team now.

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