How much will our ERP project cost?

February 01, 2023

‘How much will our ERP project cost?’ is a question we get asked a lot by companies researching ERP solutions. With ERP projects, however, the variables are endless – it is very difficult to quantify exactly how much your ERP project will cost without a detailed understanding about your specific requirements. In this blog we will try to give you an understanding of what is involved in the pricing of an SAP Business One project.


SAP Business One licences can be sold on a perpetual basis, where the customer buys them up-front for lifetime use, or on a monthly subscription basis over three years. There are over twenty SAP Business One partners in the UK and the RRP of SAP Business One licences is set by SAP. The current price for Pro Licences is either £2323.00 on a perpetual basis, or £78 a month, with Limited licences being £1,204.00 or £40 a month. To find out how much you will be spending on licences, you simply need to know how many of each type of licence you need.

Add-ons and Integrations

Your ERP project may require certain add-ons and integrations, which will be guided by what you want your solution to do. If your business is a manufacturer, you may want specific manufacturing add-ons or warehouse management solutions; likewise, you may want integrations to your website if you sell online. Specific functionality and add-on licences will increase the cost of your project, and integrations will increase the complexity. These will have an impact on the number of implementation days required, however, if these additional features are required to make your solution a perfect fit for your requirements, there is no point cutting corners to save money. In this situation, you will end up with a solution that doesn’t quite fit your needs and will continue to create issues for your company that you were trying to remove by implementing a new ERP solution in the first place.

Implementation Fees

Licence fees are not the only thing to consider when selecting your ERP solution, however. The majority of the cost of implementing SAP Business One will be found in implementation and training. To achieve a successful outcome, you cannot cut corners on this process. There have been numerous stories of ERP projects going massively over-budget, which is why projects need to be properly project-managed, with full commitment from the customer as well as the partner to complete tasks on time, as required.

To gain a rough idea of the expected cost of your project, you should be guided by the estimated number of implementation and training days that your partner says the project should take. Add this to your licence fees and you have a rough idea of the overall project cost. But how do you know how close to the mark this will be?

Ascarii’s Approach to Pricing your Project

This is where Ascarii’s approach to providing customers with the price of their SAP Business One project is a bit different to other SAP Business One partners. Our partnership with customers is split into two phases – the Discovery and Design phase, and the Delivery phase. Discovery and Design is a paid for block of several days consultancy, during which our consultants will spend time with your team to gain a detailed understanding of how your business works and what your requirements are from your new ERP solution.

Taking the time to understand your specific project requirements means that we can give an accurate assessment of the type and quantity of licences your project needs, including any add-ons and integration requirements. At Ascarii, we don’t just want to sell you licences. Our aim is to ensure that you get a solution that fits your business needs with the correct quantity and type of licences, including any add-ons and integrations, that will help your business achieve its desired outcome.

At the end of the Discovery and Design phase, you will be presented with a document that details what your ERP solution requirements are with an estimate of the number of days required to deliver each phase of the implementation. These numbers are generated by a calculator that our consultancy team has developed, which gives a more accurate guide to the cost of the delivery phase. Our solutions team is always guided by the consultancy team as to how many professional service days will be required for each project.

For more information about how Ascarii can work with you to help you achieve your business goals and objectives through the implementation of SAP Business One, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team now.

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