For Media Sports Management Case Study

November 21, 2022


For Media Sports Management Ltd is an international sports and entertainment agency, specialising in media rights distribution, digital/betting solutions, media production, sponsorship, partnerships, consultancy, and event hosting. The company operates globally, with offices in London and Dubai, and represents an impressive client base across the world’s major sporting events.


For Media has been established since 2018 and comprises a small team of experts in their field. They have been using SAP Business One to manage their operations since 2019, as the system they started out with was holding them back. Their previous system didn’t allow them to create the reports they wanted to and didn’t contain audit trails or any mandatory fields that would prevent them making mistakes in data entry. These issues led them to research the market to find a replacement solution that would support their international growth. For this reason, it was important to them to choose a global solution that was designed for SMEs and would give them the platform to support their long-term goals and trade seamlessly across borders.


For Media accesses SAP Business One on Ascarii’s cloud platform, which is based on Amazon Web Services. It was important to them to access SAP Business One via the cloud as it meant they could take advantage of predictable monthly billing on a subscription basis, while being comfortable that the platform was highly secure and scalable to their requirements. For Media says, “as we trade internationally, the security of the system was essential to us, and we knew that AWS is extremely secure. We also travel extensively so being able to access the solution on any device while we’re travelling is really useful.”


One of the major benefits to For Media of using SAP Business One is that it can be customised for their needs. Whilst operating globally, this means that they were confident they could adapt the system so that their invoices would comply with local requirements. For Media says, “it gives us confidence that global rules can easily be updated and taken into account.” In addition to this, they were very keen on the reporting features available within SAP Business One, which enable them to create highly flexible reports that are easy to understand. Our contact says, “our previous system used to take days to create reports with a lot of manual intervention to compile data from different sources, but SAP Business One creates them easily. The time savings we have realised since we implemented SAP Business One have been huge.”

Alongside SAP Business One, For Media also uses B1 Usability Package from Boyum IT, which allows them to create user-defined fields and adapt the solution to exactly fit their needs. For Media says, “B1 Usability Package is so easy to use, we don’t even know we’re using it.”

Having chosen SAP Business One on Ascarii’s cloud platform, For Media is confident that they have chosen a solution that is scalable and will grow with them. It has increased the accuracy of their reporting and does exactly what they need it to do. The team says that they really liked Ascarii’s Statement of Work process, which means they know exactly what they are spending and helps them keep control of their budget. They say, “it’s been a great experience working with Ascarii so far – the whole team is very friendly, knowledgeable and supportive.”

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