Field Service Management Software Empowers Remote Workers

June 10, 2022

Field service management software empowers remote workers with the correct information and tools to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. With an increasingly connected workforce and the automation that digitalisation brings, enabling field service technicians to do their jobs with technology that connects seamlessly back to the office offers benefits across the business.

For companies with a remote workforce, it makes sense to use mobile technology to connect back to the office. With information at their fingertips, field service technicians can update job information, customer details and billing information, as well as so much more. Removing the paper trail increases accuracy and efficiency and takes away the risk of losing information due to ‘mislaying’ a job sheet. The ability to update customers on the status of their job, for example, delivery status if replacement parts are required, manages customer expectations and increases satisfaction.

Managing your project-based workforce and accurately analysing their project progress can be challenging if there is an over reliance on paper-based or spreadsheet reporting. The greater the volume of projects, the greater the challenge of gaining an accurate insight of their progress. How do you forecast if those projects are going to finish on time and on budget?  How do you reconcile project work scheduling and project progress with cost and revenue to calculate project profit margins? How does your accounts department report back to the stakeholders on project P & L?

Can your remote, project-based workforce access leading edge mobile, web-client technology to run their projects more efficiently?

SAP Field Service Management (SAP FSM) has been designed for customer-centric field service management companies. It was developed to help simplify and automate field service technicians’ day-to-day work, and the solution helps businesses to digitise their project work resources, reduce cost and increase revenue, speed up the invoicing process and boost customer satisfaction. SAP FSM can allocate and schedule human resource and plant against projects as well as giving your project and finance teams a commercial view of the financial state of those projects. This in turn allows your business to report more accurately and in a timely manner on how those projects and your overall business is performing.

Your clients can also collaborate with you and have a great user experience whilst using the SAP FSM “Customer Self-Service” application, which automates and escalates their service requests and their status. Nowadays, customers expect quick responses and impeccable service. If their expectations are not met, they can easily move on to the next best solution provided by your competitors. SAP FSM gives you the edge you need to stand out, allowing you to get the best out of your service teams while delivering an outstanding experience to your customers.

As part of your remote workforce digital transformation, SAP FSM can bring numerous benefits for your business. To find out more about how this advanced solution could work for your business, please contact our friendly team.


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