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June 18, 2024

Ascarii is excited to announce the next webinar in our series, which will be focused on optimising field service management and takes place on June 27th at 2pm. This webinar is targeted towards managers and directors of businesses that have field service operations who want to increase their efficiency and improve their customer service.

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This webinar will cover:

  • The compelling advantages of cloud-based technology for remote-based field service engineers.
  • Strategies to empower your mobile workforce with real-time data access. 
  • Increase efficiency to improve first-time fix rates and customer loyalty. 
  • Accurate forecasting on whether projects are going to finish on and on budget.
  • Cloud-based technology providing a great user experience for remote workers to improve both employee and customer retention

Smartly used cloud-based mobile technology can be transformative for service orientated businesses, giving them the ability to automate their field service operations using affordable and smart mobile technology that helps them add value to their services and increase customer satisfaction and long-term engagement. Providing real-time access to data from anywhere, technicians or engineers can make informed decisions immediately and connect back to their head-office to update customer records in real-time. This increase in productivity and efficiency has a direct impact on the bottom line, while customers achieve immediate resolution to their issues – whether that is a fix of their problem or keeping them updated with actionable next steps to achieve the resolution of the issue.

Real time inventory management helps businesses keep track of stock and spare parts, automating stock replenishment to ensure correct levels are always maintained. This offers insight to technicians so that they know what is available to them to locate sites complete their jobs, and realistic ETAs if specific parts need to be ordered in. This enables the business to keep control of overheads and gain a detailed insight into stock levels and future requirements.

Cloud ERP, with smart use of mobile technology, offers enormous potential for companies with a field service workforce, providing them with the ability to use technology to help achieve their customer service targets, increase productivity and efficiency and reduce overheads, and build their future growth and success. To find out how you can optimise your field service operations, please register for our webinar here:

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