Benefits of Cloud-Based Solutions

October 21, 2021

Cloud-based solutions are becoming ever more essential to businesses. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted that businesses with on premise solutions found it far more difficult to adapt to remote working than those who already used cloud-based solutions across their business. These companies experienced far less disruption and their use of cloud-based systems was undoubtedly a factor in this.

Although cloud-based solutions are becoming more popular, many companies are still unaware of how they can help their businesses. There is still a widely-held opinion that cloud-based solutions are mainly for large enterprise, but this is simply not the case. There are numerous benefits to cloud deployment for all sizes of business, which can have a significant impact on both cashflow and business continuity. These benefits include:

Access to the latest technology and functionality

Deploying essential business systems on world-leading technology, such as Amazon Web Services, gives customers access to the latest technology and functionality at an accessible price point due to economies of scale. Not having to rely on in-house resources can have a significant impact on IT overheads, which adds to the appeal of cloud-based solutions.

Subscription licensing

One of the biggest benefits of cloud deployment is its subscription licensing model, which turns the investment in your ERP solution into an operational expense rather than a capital expense. Fixed monthly fees enable more accurate budgeting and forecasting. This gives access to world-leading solutions for an affordable monthly fee, which is particularly beneficial to smaller companies for whom cashflow issues can be a problem.

Quick and easy deployment

Quick and easy deployment means customers can rapidly start reaping the benefits of their new ERP solution.


Customers only pay for the cloud resources they need today but can easily scale their consumption whenever they need to, as and when business requirements dictate. Customers can scale their usage up, or down, and be safe in the knowledge that they’re not spending money on resources they don’t need.

Security and compliance

Cloud is now more secure than on-premise, while allowing access from anywhere, at any time, on any device. AWS holds a Tier-4 top security level and guarantees 99.9995% reliability and uptime, so customers can be assured that their data is safe. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual back-ups are also included. Working with technology from a global leader also ensures compliance with regulations worldwide.

Business continuity and futureproofing

Accessing your company’s ERP system via the cloud means that the business can continue to function in times of uncertainty. It helps to future-proof the business and enable it to adapt and grow with technological developments.

Ascarii specialises in deploying SAP’s SME solutions in the cloud, enabling customers to take advantage of the many benefits that cloud deployment offers. These secure solutions allows access from anywhere, so customers can manage their most critical business functions from any device. Our cloud platform was purpose built on AWS by our highly qualified engineers, who are certified experts in both AWS, SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign. To discuss cloud deployment and its benefits, please contact Ascarii’s highly qualified team of certified professionals today.

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