Benefits from Implementing a Comprehensive ERP Solution

August 15, 2022

Small and medium-sized enterprises can expect many benefits from implementing a comprehensive ERP solution. Streamlining and automating processes, as well as reducing manual data entry and duplication of effort, are usually the most immediate and visible benefits but there are many others that have a significant impact on the daily running of the business.

Most SMEs reach a point when their daily operations can become more administrative than strategic, particularly if they are relying on outdated systems that haven’t been able to keep up as the business has grown. This is often one of the key drivers behind the search for a new ERP system, and time savings are one of the biggest benefits, but what other benefits might you expect from your new ERP solution?

A single point of truth

Comprehensive ERP solutions provide the digital core to daily business operations, connecting information silos. This is a big issue that stems from relying on outdated and disparate systems, but a comprehensive ERP solution enables relevant, real-time intelligence on which to base strategic business decisions. Business risk is reduced by maximising visibility and control, as well as providing compliance with regulatory requirements.

Manage by exception

Modern ERP systems, such as SAP Business One, allow user access to be configured down to field level, devolving responsibility to employees to manage their key areas, and enabling managers to manage by exception. Only needing to get involved when there is a discrepancy means that employees are empowered in their role, while managers’ time is released to focus on activities and decisions that have real business impact and drive the strategic direction of the company.

Increase productivity

Reducing or eliminating the duplication of data and manual processes frees up staff to concentrate on aspects of their roles that more impact on the business, while streamlining and automating core processes. With information available instantly, employees no longer have to search for what they need to do their jobs effectively, helping to increase productivity and reduce time wasted on activities that don’t help the business move forward.

Insightful business reporting

Insightful business reports are available at the touch of a button, providing the data that businesses need to support strategic decision making. Business decisions can be made based on solid data – for example, whether to scale up or down production of a certain product based on seasonal demand, industry trends or forecasts, and enabling efficient scheduling for spikes and troughs in the production process. Decision makers can get the data they need quickly and easily by configuring the solution to display the information that is relevant to them.

Simplify IT systems without limiting insight

Integrated applications that share the same database give employees the tools to carry out their jobs productively and strategically, while connecting every aspect of the business. This gives managers the insight they need to make strategic decisions based on accurate data from a streamlined and intuitive solution.

Respond to opportunities quickly

Forward-thinking businesses use technology to enable them to quickly respond to opportunities and trends. The reporting available from a comprehensive ERP solution such as SAP Business One provides this foundation. Whether that data supports production planning, staffing levels or optimising field service operations and customer management, real-time insight means that companies can make changes and capitalise on them quickly and efficiently, giving them a significant competitive advantage.

There are many benefits from implementing a comprehensive ERP solution, and Ascarii can work with you to define what you want to achieve. Our team of highly qualified consultants loves to work alongside our customers to ensure the successful implementation of their SAP Business One solutions to provide a solid platform for future growth. With both technical and functional experience across most industries, we guide our customers through the process, helping them to achieve their goals and objectives. For more information about SAP Business One and Ascarii, and to discuss your requirements with our friendly team, please contact us now.


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